Footwear – no football boots with studs allowed


The ball must be a standard Size 5 football.  You can bring your own or hire at the venue

Choose different coloured balls for each player in your group so you know which ball is yours

The first kick must be taken between the “Tee” markers for each hole


The ball must be kicked with the upper part of the shoe only – no pushing or scooping is allowed

The ball must stop moving before the next kick is taken

If someone’s ball is in the way let them play first to speed up play.  Or, the position should be marked by that player and the ball picked up, then put it back in the same place after your ball is played through.

The ball should be played from where it lies at all times, except the following:

  • The ball must not be played from the golf greens, please move your ball to the side and continue. NO penalty is applied.

  • If the ball goes into the water, long grass or scrub, the ball should be retrieved carefully and placed within two steps of the point where it went in. ADD one shot penalty to your score for that hole


Please do not enter the water to retrieve your ball.  Use the nets provided and/or wait for the ball to come to the edge of the pond.  Let other groups play through if necessary.


You do not need to take the flag out of the hole, even if your ball is on the “green”.

The person whose ball is furthest from the flag should play first

If someone’s ball is in the way, the position should be marked and the ball picked up, then put back in the same place. 

Record how many kicks you had for each hole and record the score on the scorecard

The person with the lowest score should play first on the next hole. At the first hole, play a game of Kick Ups to determine who goes first!

i.e. longest time goes first, shortest time goes last.

Please take care of the course, collect your rubbish, and be courteous to other players


If there is lightning about, please go to the Rain Shelters, or back to the Food Court.

Have fun, have a laugh!


FootGolf Malaysia are the pioneers of FootGolf In Malaysia, incorporated since 2017, and based at Bukit Jelutong Golf Centre where we operate Malaysia’s first Footgolf Course.  Footgolf Malaysia are the governing body for the sport in Malaysia and the exclusive member of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).  We are dedicated to growing the sport in Malaysia and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all Malaysians.

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